2022 CFA AGM Recap

2022 CFA AGM Recap

The 2022 CFA AGM, hosted this year from March 2-3, brought together farm leaders from across the country as well as industry stakeholders and government representatives to help set the priorities for Canadian Agriculture in the coming year. The AGM was a great success with over 160 attendees.

This year’s theme for the CFA AGM was “Finding sustainable solutions in time of uncertainty”, focusing on finding solutions to some of the complicated and multi-faceted problems concerning Canadian agriculture, such as climate change and supply chain disruptions.

The AGM kicked off with CFA President Mary Robinson’s opening remarks and a video sponsored by CN rail on CFA’s Hay West initiative.

During the CFA AGM the CFA Board passed 55 resolutions for the upcoming year. Click here to view these resolutions.

Panels and Fireside Chat

CFA held two panels as well as a fireside chat during the AGM. Recordings and presentations that are available to share for these segments can be found below:

From Farm to Market: Finding Sustainable Climate Solutions (view a recording here)

*Sponsored by Syngenta, moderated by CFA Vice-President Keith Currie

On-farm solutions:

On-farm Measurement and Protocols

Public and Private Carbon Credits

Fireside Chat: Shifting Supply Chain & Trade Dynamics (view a recording here)

*Sponsored by Food, Health and Consumer Products of Canada (FHCP), moderated by Michael Graydon, CEO of FHCP

The EU/US Approach to Sustainability: A Canadian Perspective (view a recording here)

Farm Credit Canada Presentation (view a recording here)

Political Speakers

At the AGM, CFA heard from several key political speakers. Watch the recordings below:

Brigid Rivoire Award

The fourth annual Brigid Rivoire Award for Champions of Agricultural Mental Health was presented at the AGM to Au Coeur des Familles Agricoles (ACAF), who provide farmer-tailored counselling services to farmers all across Québec. Watch a recording of the award ceremony here.

Learn more about ACAF on their website here. 

Read a profile of ACAF’s work here.

Corporate Leader Update Videos

CFA members also received updates from CFA’s Corporate Leaders throughout the AGM with pre-taped videos or live presentations which outlined their organizations goals and activities. You can find these updates here.

Spirits Canada Virtual Cocktail Reception

On March 1st, Spirits Canada hosted the Spirit’s Canada Reception, where Spirits Canada President and CEO Jan Westcott, gave some remarks to the CFA AGM delegates and great appetizers and cocktails were enjoyed by all.

CFA would like to thank Spirits Canada for hosting this wonderful event!

Thank you to our sponsors

CFA would like to sincerely that our Corporate Partner, Corporate Leaders and all the AGM sponsors for helping to make this event a reality. We could not do this without your support.