2018 Annual General Meeting

The premier gathering of Canadian farm leaders and industry representatives

CFA held its 2018 Annual General Meeting,  from February 28th to March 1st, in Ottawa at the Marriott Hotel. More than 200 delegates and observers gathered to explore policy issues and industry priorities at sessions designed around the theme “Partnering for Success.”

The AGM drew a wide range of participants, including farm and agricultural industry leaders, government and industry representatives, elected officials and national media.

Our 2018 meeting program examined industry trends and look at the diverse ways that farmers work together. Farm groups collaborate with a myriad of organizations, both directly and indirectly linked to agriculture. These connections show how farming and food production are woven into many aspects of Canadian life — from our growing economy, to scientific advancements, to sustainability, to community development.

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At our AGM participants heard dynamic policy debates, interesting panel discussions, and enjoyed valuable learning and networking opportunities.

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