Board of Directors

Keith Currie

President, CFA

Cash crops and sweet corn producer, Collingwood, ON

Currie, a Collingwood, Ontario farmer, was born and raised on the family farm and is the 8th generation on the farm family operation. Currie graduated with a diploma in Agriculture Production Management from the University of Guelph, Ridgetown College in 1982. Upon Graduation, Currie returned home to manage the family dairy and cash crop farm in Simcoe County with his wife Janice and together they have raised four children.

Currie’s operation now focuses on production of grains and oilseed, forages for dry hay, along with a sweet corn and gladiolus flower production.

Over the years, Currie has represented many agriculture boards and organizations at the regional, provincial and federal levels serving on both livestock and cropping organizations. Keith is the Past President of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture(OFA) and has had 25+ years of board experience with the OFA. Agriculture Co-operatives, Dairy Herd Improvement association, Fair Boards, Holstein Clubs, Soil and Crop Improvement association, Conservation Authority committees and county federation of agriculture boards are just a few of the local organizations that Keith has been involved with over the years. Keith is also an Ontario delegate to The Co-Operators Insurance.

Keith has also been appointed to three provincial government advisory committees in Ontario, the 4 Plan Review committee(a review of 4 provincial land use plans), the Environmental Advisory committee as well as the Wetlands Advisory committee

Before becoming CFA President in 2023, Keith served on the CFA board for several years, and was elected as the organization’s 1st Vice-President in 2019.


Todd Lewis

1st Vice-President, CFA, Chair of Transportation Committee

Grain, canola, lentil and other crops

Lewis’ family farm was established in 1904 near the hamlet of Gray, Saskatchewan, just south of Regina. He farms grain, canola, lentils and other crops alongside his wife Terry, brother Rod and nephew Brendan.

Lewis joined APAS in 2006 when he was a Councilor for the RM of Lajord. In 2009, Lewis was elected to the APAS Board of Directors, and in 2016, and was elected President. He said he got involved with APAS because he feels agriculture needed a bigger and louder voice in Saskatchewan.

Some of the major agricultural issues APAS has advocated for during Lewis’ time as President included the federal carbon tax, engaging with governments on Business Risk Management, the Rural Connectivity Task Force, and most recently, pushing for more support for farmers suffering from historic drought in their fields and pastures. Todd has previously been in the role of 2nd VP for the CFA.

Todd studied Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan in the early 1980’s before returning to the family farm in 1983. Lewis is a long serving member of the CFA Board and has served on multiple CFA committees, including the Executive Committee and has been in the role as 2nd Vice-President. Todd is looking forward to working towards the continued success of the CFA and its members.

Pierre Lampron

2nd Vice-President, Chair of the Policy Committee

Dairy Farmer

With his brothers and his son, he owns an organic dairy farm with 200 cows and 1,200 acres of crops. He was first elected to the Board of Directors of the Producteurs de lait du Quebec in 2000 and was appointed to the Board of Directors of Dairy Farmers of Canada in 2007. At the national level, Pierre led proAction’s animal care committee since its establishment and has participated in the DFC promotion committee. In addition, he served as a member of the Canadian Animal Health Coalition executive committee and on the board of the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council.

Pierre also served as president of Valacta from 2013 until that organization became Lactanet in 2019. He now serves on Lactanet’s board of directors. As a leader, Pierre believes that by working together, dairy farmers can be more successful in reaching their goals and advancing their cause. Pierre climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on behalf of DFC in February 2017 and, in association with the Tim Horton Children Foundation, helped raised more than $500,000. Pierre and his wife Annick have three children and two grandchildren. Pierre was elected President of Dairy Farmers of Canada in 2017 and was re-elected for a second term in 2019 and a third term in July 2021.

Martin Caron

Director, CFA

Union des Producteurs Agricoles

Ron Maynard

Director, CFA; CFA Executive Committee Member

PEI Federation of Agriculture

Ian Boxall

Director, CFA


Cyr Couturier

CFA Director, Executive Committee Member and Chair of the Finance Committee

Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance

Mark Reusser

Director, CFA - CFA Executive Committee Member

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Emmanuel Destrijker

Director, CFA

Egg Farmers of Canada

Egg farmer

Bethany Dykstra

Director, CFA

Agriculture Alliance of New Brunswick

David Wiens

Director, CFA

Dairy Farmers of Canada

Dairy Farmer

Doug Miller

Director, CFA

Canadian Seed Growers Association

Tim Marsh

Director, FCA

Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture

Jean Szkotnicki

Director, CFA

Equestrian Canada

Julie Bissonnette

Director, CFA

Canadian Young Farmers Forum

Stan Vanderwaal

Director, CFA

British Columbia Agriculture Council

Greenhouse Flower Farmer

Lynn Jacobson

Director, CFA

Alberta Federation of Agriculture

Grains and oilseeds producer, Enchant, AB

Ken Forth

Director, CFA


Broccoli Farmer

Matt Steele

Director, CFA

Turkey Farmers of Canada

Turkey Farmer

Cain Vangel

Director, CFA

Yukon Agricultural Association

Jill Verwey

Director, CFA - CFA Executive Committee Member

Keystone Agricultural Producers of Manitoba

Mike Medeiros

Director, CFA

Mushrooms Canada

Mushroom farmer

Wayne Simmons

Director, CFA

Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture

Scott Buchan

Director, CFA

Chicken Farmers of Canada

Chicken farmer

Gyslain Loyer

Director, CFA - CFA Executive Committee Member

Canadian Hatching Egg Producers

Hatching egg producer

Gwen Young

Director, CFA

Canadian Sugar Beet Producers Association

Sugar beet producer

Art Alblas


National Sheep Network

Sheep farmer

Andrew Kuyvenhoven

Director, CFA - CFA Executive Committee Member, Chair of the Resolutions Committee

Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance

Greenhouse Flower Farmer, Brampton, ON

Rick Mastronardi

Director, CFA

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers