Errol Halkai

Executive Director
Phone: 613-236-3633 x2323

Scott Ross

Assistant Executive Director / Director of Business Risk Management and Farm Policy
Phone: 613-236-3633 x2324

Laurie Karson

Director of Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Phone: 613-236-3633 x2322
Cell: 613-868-6369


Frank Annau

Director of Environment and Science Policy
Phone: 613-236-3633 x2328

Bob Friesen

Trade and Transportation Policy Analyst
Phone: 613-236-3633 x2326

Catherine Burns

Executive Assistant and Event Planner
Phone: 613-236-3633 x2327

Matt Houston

Communications Officer
Phone: 613-236-3633 x2374

Taylor Moore

Stakeholder and Policy Engagement Officer

Charleen McCartney

Policy Analyst – Natural and Applied Sciences