The Brigid Rivoire Award for Champions of Agricultural Mental Health

See the finalists and winners of the 2020 award here!

The Brigid Rivoire Award for Champions of Agricultural Mental Health annually recognizes a specific initiative that has made outstanding contributions in raising awareness, addressing stigma, and supporting mental health for farmers in their local community. This annual award includes a $2,000 donation to a mental health initiative of the recipient’s choice, along with an invitation to attend the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s (CFA) Annual General Meeting in February with all expenses paid.

The recipient will also be profiled by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture through a written profile highlighting their work in the community and sharing the good work they have done. This profile will be published on the CFA website, and through other partners’ publications, determined prior to the nomination window each year. For example, the first annual award was promoted by the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council and Farm Management Canada through their social media and respective newsletters.

To share knowledge and experience more widely, CFA will publish profiles for three short-listed finalists on its website as well, based on a written overview of their work provided in the nomination form. Additionally, CFA will explore opportunities to nominate the winner for other award programs to broaden the publicity for their contributions to mental health in Canada.

For more details on the award and nomination process, read an overview of the award program here. Read the FAQ here.

CFA will be accepting Expressions of Interest throughout the year. Fill out an Expression of Interest here!

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Who is Brigid Rivoire?

Brigid Rivoire was the Executive Director at the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) from 2001-2015. During her time at CFA she was always known to help others in need, and was always a very caring and giving person. Those who worked with her said that she would “give her last dime to help someone else.”

Brigid passed away in late 2017, just as CFA was developing a program to help spread awareness of and address mental health issues in agriculture. We felt that this program was very much in the spirit of Brigid’s supportive and generous personality, and wanted to honor her memory by creating this award in her name.

What is the deadline for nominations?

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is October 11th, 2021. All Expressions of Interest received after this date will be rolled over to be considered for the award the following year. For the 2019 award, the deadline for endorsed nominations will be November 15th, 2021.

When will the award be given out?

The award will be given out at the CFA’s Annual General Meeting in 2022.

Who can be nominated?

While the award criteria will be focused on the extent to which a specific initiative has contributed to the support of mental health for Canadian farmers and the broader agricultural community, the award will be made available to a broad range of stakeholders, including (but not limited to):

Eligibility Criteria

Basic eligibility criteria is listed below, for a more in-depth look of how nominees will be evaluated, download the criteria here.

2020 Finalists and Winner

In 2020 we had nominations from a variety of wonderful initiatives from across Canada. Click below to view a profile on our  runner-up, Gerry Friesen, otherwise known as The Recovering Farmer. Our winner this year was Deborah Vanberkel and her initiative, the Farmer Wellness Program. Read below for profiles on both of these wonderful initiatives for agricultural mental health.

2019 Finalists and Winner

2018 Finalists and Winner

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Mental Health Resources

The Do More Agriculture Foundation works to change the culture of Agriculture to one where all producers are encouraged, supported and empowered to take care of their mental wellbeing.

Click here to view their list of mental health resources across Canada.

Click here to read the Emergency Response Model for Mental Health During Agricultural Crisis

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