CFA Updates

Canada Revenue Agency ‘Serving You Better’ Consultations with SMEs

This fall, the CRA held Serving You Better in-person consultation sessions in various cities across the country, seeking feedback from the business community to help the Agency shape its programs and services to make the changes that small and medium businesses want and need most. Should your organization or members choose to participate in ...

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CFA speaks on risk management at AgEx conference

CFA Vice President, Humphrey Banack, and CFA Staff attended Farm Management Canada’s Agriculture Excellence Conference in Calgary on November 23rd and 24th. CFA’s Director of BRM and Farm Policy, Scott Ross, provided the policy perspective on a panel discussing how producers can confront change with confidence through effective risk ...

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Senate committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce hears from CFA on internal trade and transportation infrastructure

Ron Bonnett presented CFA views to the Senate Committee on enhancing and facilitating commerce and internal trade within the context of a national infrastructure/transportation corridor in Canada. Ron outlined the importance exports are to the sector and the Canadian economy as a whole and that an efficient and reliable transportation system ...

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