The Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s Federal Election Priorities

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture represents over 200,000 farm families from coast-to-coast-to-coast. As the national voice of farmers, the following priorities represent the shared priorities of many regions, commodities and sectors within agriculture.

Canadian agriculture has incredible potential both as an economic engine for Canada’s recovery, and also as a natural climate-change solutions provider. But this potential can only be unleashed with the proper support, incentives and investments. Below you will find the opportunities agriculture can provide for Canada, the obstacles preventing growth, as well as key recommendations that CFA will be approaching each party with to ensure that Canadian agriculture is a priority for every potential government that may form following the election.

During the lead-up to the election, CFA will be hosting its traditional Agriculture Leaders Debate, which brings together the key agricultural representatives from each party to debate on the most pressing issues in Canadian agriculture. Click here to view the debate from 2019!

Opportunities for Canada

Canadian agriculture has incredible economic and environmental potential that can benefit all Canadians:

Obstacles Preventing Growth

List of Recommendations:

To view a more detailed explanation of these priorities, click here to view CFA’s recent Pre-Budget Submission.