Exclusive Starlink Discount Available

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is pleased to provide our members, affiliates, corporate partners, and farmers across the country an amazing opportunity to assist you with your internet connectivity. Don’t miss out on this incredible limited-time offer brought to you by the CFA and Starlink!

We’re thrilled to be working with Starlink to help farmers across Canada connect to high-speed internet, even in the most remote parts of Canada – Starlink is the world’s leading satellite internet service provider, giving high-speed broadband internet right at your fingertips. Whether you’re streaming, video calling, or working in the field, Starlink’s cutting-edge technology ensures an unparalleled online experience. Licensed to operate in over 50 countries Starlink is revolutionizing internet access across the globe, and it works best in remote and rural locations!

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your farming operations with fast, reliable internet connectivity.

Take advantage of our special limited time offer by clicking the link below to sign up for Starlink and receive one month of free service: Starlink | Canadian Federation of Agriculture Referral Link

What services are available for one month of free service?
The referral link will provide you with one month of free service for the Residential, Business or Roam packages from Starlink.

Residential package costs: $199 for hardware (discounted from $759 for customers in select rural areas). $140/month.

Business package costs: $3170 for hardware. $320/month.

Roam package costs: $759 for hardware. $170/month.

The Roam package may be of particular interest to our members, as it allows you to attach the hardware onto moving vehicles such as tractors, always allowing you internet access, even in the middle of a field.

CFA and Starlink are offering an exclusive pilot project in Canada, and you’re invited! By using our special referral link, you’ll gain access to a fantastic discount on Starlink services.

Already, Starlink offers rural users an incredible 80% discount on the hardware required to establish their connection. And with our referral link, you can also enjoy one month of complimentary service from Starlink!

We understand the challenges faced by farmers in accessing reliable internet in rural areas. While the government aims to achieve nationwide coverage by 2030, remote and rural regions will likely be the last to receive it. But with Starlink, you don’t have to wait for years to enjoy high-speed, dependable internet.

See our FAQ’s – Check below for some common questions regarding Starlink:

If I sign up for the one-month free service via the CFA referral link, how will I know if my account is credited?
Once you sign up for via the CFA referral link, you will receive a notification email within one hour of your purchase. You must use the CFA link to access the one-month free service.

Is the Hardware discount that is currently being offered to the public available to everyone?
Many Canadians in rural / regional areas are eligible for the $199 hardware offer – Simply check your eligibility via www.starlink.com/map

How difficult is it to set up?
Starlink provides all the equipment necessary, and set-up can be done in just a few minutes. For more details, check https://www.starlink.com/

Who can I send this link to?
We urge you to distribute this link to your members and affiliates, especially those located in rural areas.

Any other questions?
Check out Starlink’s FAQ here: https://support.starlink.com/

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Don’t hesitate to contact Laurie Karson, Director of Communications & Stakeholder Relations at the CFA at laurie@canadian-farmers.ca or Matt Houston, Communications Manager at CFA – Matt@canadian-farmers.ca