CFA Supports Bill C-282

February 8, 2023, OTTAWA – The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) is in support of Bill C-282, An Act to amend the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Act (supply management).

This Bill, presented by MP Luc Thériault of the Bloc Québécois, would legislate the protection of supply managed sectors in Canada by ensuring the government does not make market access concessions in future trade deals for supply managed products.

A resilient domestic agricultural sector is vital to national food security. Canada’s supply management system promotes stability in the domestic food chain by matching production with demand along with the support of import controls. Supply management also cuts down on overproduction and waste within the food supply chain.

CFA has long advocated that no additional access to supply-managed sectors should be given in future trade agreements, and all political parties sitting in the House of Commons have committed to no additional access and no reductions in over-quota tariffs.

However, despite these commitments, significant concessions have been made in recent trade agreements including CETA, CPTPP and CUSMA, which threatens to undermine the resilience and stable food supply that this system affords.

Bill C-282 would strengthen those commitments into legislation, protecting supply-managed farmers for the foreseeable future and providing them with confidence and stability in the face of any future trade negotiations.

“It can be frustrating to watch promises fizzle when push comes to shove, and supply-managed farmers have seen successive governments renege on their promise to not allow further market access for supply-managed products. By voting for this Bill, politicians will be able to show their true support for supply-managed farmers and allow those farmers to rely on the law rather than rhetoric.” said Mary Robinson, President of CFA.

The CFA appreciates efforts by all political parties to support our farmers and Canada’s domestic agricultural sector, including the Bloc Québécois who are sponsoring this Bill.