Hay West Currently Operational – Website Seeking Applicants and Suppliers Now Live

September 17, Ottawa – The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) is happy to announce that the Hay West 2021 initiative is now operational and seeking applicants to both receive and supply hay.

The drought in the Prairie regions has led to a deficit of hay that has left many farmers unable to feed their animals. Without assistance, this could lead to long-lasting impacts on the national herd levels that will affect Canadian farmers, processors and consumers for years to come. The Hay West program will ship hay from central and eastern farmers to drought-stricken western farmers.

CFA has received enough contributions from different parties to begin moving substantial amounts of hay.

Applicants should visit this website if they are interested in receiving or supplying hay.

“The Hay West program is an amazing example of the kindness of farmers and how farmers across Canada, despite their many differences, have each other’s backs when true disaster strikes. Farmers are donating thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars worth of hay to support those struggling from the drought. It’s incredibly heartening to see the response that we have from those farmers that have been more fortunate this year,” said CFA President, Mary Robinson

CFA strongly urges those looking to receive or supply hay to sign up at www.haywest2021.net.

To read an FAQ on the Hay West program, click here.