CFA at Beginning Stages of Facilitating Hay West 2021

August 12, 2021 – Ottawa ON – With farmers in the Prairie provinces facing a dire hay shortage due to devastating and prolonged drought conditions, CFA has begun work to facilitate a “Hay West” initiative to send surplus hay from farmers on the East Coast to those struggling in the West.

Canada’s farmers have supported each other in similar ways in the past. The first Hay West initiative occurred in 2002 when Prairie farmers were facing similar circumstances. Ten years later the situation was reversed, where Western farmers sent hay East to help farms stricken with drought.

“CFA is currently in the initial stages of facilitating a new Hay West program. We have our staff as well as a third-party working towards determining how much of a hay surplus is available, and are looking to work with the railways and the government to help these farmers that are in dire need of feed for their animals,” said Mary Robinson, CFA President.

“We believe this initiative will help ease some of the stress that Western farmers are dealing with,” added Robinson

“We’d also like to point to the new Climate Action Fund as the kind of support that farmers need to continue investing in sustainability initiatives as they face these incredibly difficult circumstances. It can be hard for farmers to invest further in sustainability as climate change impacts greatly affect their financial situations,” concluded Robinson.

CFA will provide more information on the Hay West initiative as the details become available, and will be working closely with the government and other stakeholders to ensure that farmers are supported and surplus hay reaches those that need it.