CFA Welcomes Minister’s Announcement on Compensation and Investments in the Canadian Dairy, Poultry & Egg Sectors

November 30, Ottawa – Quickly on the heels of Minister Bibeau delivering details of how the Government of Canada has tabled proposed improvements in AgriStability, the Minister announced Saturday that the Government has reached an agreement to fulfill its promise to compensate Canada’s supply-managed farmers for the losses in their markets as a result of CETA and CTPPP concessions.

“I am glad to see that the Minister has followed up on the government’s commitment to Canadian poultry and egg farmers by providing investment programs, market development initiatives and compensation to dairy farmers to help with the losses these farmers have suffered. This commitment to compensate these farmers for their losses, until now, has gone unfulfilled for several years,” said Mary Robinson, President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA).

“These measures will allow farmers to plan for the future, navigate the unique dynamics of their respective industries, and contribute to Canada’s goals of growing our agricultural sector.”

“This is a good step, but more must be done by the Government of Canada as it conceded further supply-managed market access during the CUSMA negotiations. CFA supports calls from supply-managed farmers for Government to develop further support measures as a result of the CUSMA concessions,”

“As our domestic farmers face more international competition, these support measures, as well as improvements to AgriStability, will help position our sector at large to live up to the potential as identified by Dominic Barton to be a formidable economic engine, driving Canada out of our economic slump,” concluded Robinson.

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) was formed in 1935 as a unified voice to speak on behalf of Canadian farmers. Our work continues today as a farmer-based, national umbrella organization comprising of provincial general farm organizations and national and interprovincial commodity groups. We represent producers of all commodities, who operate farms of all sizes. Through our members we represent approximately 200,000 Canadian farm families from coast to coast.

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Laurie Karson, Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations