CFA Reaction to 2020 Throne Speech

September 24th, Ottawa – CFA was pleased to hear agriculture mentioned in the Throne Speech delivered on September 23rd, and will be seeking further details in the coming days and weeks with the government on many of the initiatives mentioned.

Some of the initiatives CFA has been promoting that were mentioned in the Throne Speech include:

“The Throne Speech was promising, but it’s the details and execution that will really determine if they are effective in unleashing the potential of Canadian agriculture,” said Mary Robinson, CFA President.

CFA was also pleased to see that the government recommitted to compensate farmers operating under supply management, but farmers in other sectors need an equal commitment that the government will backstop their efforts in the form of improved Business Risk Management (BRM) programs.

“The CFA membership, which represents over 200,000 farm families across Canada, has indicated that improving these BRM programs is the most important action to take if the Federal Government truly wants to help the sector lead the Canadian economy out of the pandemic and spur significant economic growth,” Mary Robinson concluded.

CFA will be working closely with the government to ensure that these initiatives are implemented effectively and in the best manner to serve Canadian farmers. With the proper support, Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food can be a powerful economic engine to help fuel Canada’s recovery.

Media Contact:

Laurie Karson, Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations