Message from the CFA President – April 29th

Hello everyone,

I am sending you this note in an effort to keep you up to date on CFA’s COVID-19 pandemic mitigation efforts for Canadian producers. Please visit CFA’s COVID-19 Resource Page which is continually updated.

To actively demonstrate the concern of the Canadian Public for food security and food production in Canada, CFA has set up a letter writing campaign on our Producing Prosperity website. This website allows you to very easily send a letter to your MP, as well as other important government officials, expressing support for the food supply system and telling them that Canada’s food system should be Canada’s biggest priority after healthcare.

This kind of grassroots effort can be very powerful and effective, by highlighting to politicians and decision-makers what their constituents are concerned about. The site is simple to use and has an optional pre-written message.

While actions from government in support of agriculture aren’t as swift as I would like, I believe Minister Bibeau understands our problems and is fighting hard for our sector. Minister Bibeau has assured me that she is making progress within cabinet and government will soon be turning its focus to the Canadian food supply and in particular Canadian farmers: crop farmers, animal farmers, seafood farmers and the many other farmers who contribute to all of Canadian agriculture.

We have stressed that many ag commodities are experiencing devastating losses and uncertainty right now due to COVID and have continued to deliver the message agriculture should not be triaged because our sector has some resilience. Our strengths should not keep us from seeing the immediate support that we need.

The ag and food problems COVID-19 is throwing at Canada today are not the same problems we will be facing six months from now. Instead we will be facing issues stemming from decisions that need to be made today. We have been urging government to realize an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Investing in agriculture now would be wise. We continue to push for urgent support, to avoid food security issues, soaring food prices and food system instability. The right decisions today will put Canada in a position of strength in regard to secure, affordable domestic food supply, as well as being able to export to other nations needing food imports.

I hope this emphasizes how important it is to take part in this letter-writing campaign, and to share it as widely as possible – especially outside our ag community. Encourage Canadian urbanites to be in touch with their MP. We need to show the government that it is not only the industry that is concerned about itself, but that Canadians across the country are worried about their own future and food security.

We are continuing to focus all CFA efforts on securing support for Canadian farmers during this pandemic. Thank you all for your words of support and encouragement to CFA board and staff.

Stay well,
Mary Robinson, CFA President