Rail Strike Comes at a Devastating Time for Canadian Farmers

Ottawa, November 21, 2019 – The Canadian Federation of Agriculture urges the Federal Government to take immediate action to resolve the CN Rail Strike situation before it has permanent consequences for farmers and our international trade relationships. While the CFA respects the negotiation process, it will once again be farmers who bear the brunt of actions beyond their control.

The strike comes at a devastating time for farmers, after enduring a myriad of challenges in 2019, farmers now have crop ready to be transported for export. Farmers do not receive payment for their products until they reach the port, and the rail strike makes this impossible. This will create huge cash flow problems for farmers, who require these payments to pay off their loans, invest in their operations and prepare for the new year.

“Farmers are already bearing an unprecedented level of burden from international trade disputes and this year’s exceptionally poor spring and harvest conditions. This strike comes at the worst possible time, when a year of work results in nothing because the products you’ve produced cannot reach their intended destination. Farmers have nothing to do with this dispute within CN but will face devastating consequences if it is not rectified immediately,” said Mary Robinson, President of CFA.

CFA once again urges the Federal Government to urgently work to rectify this situation and resume rail service immediately.