Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) Launches Federal Election Campaign in Ottawa: PRODUCING PROSPERITY IN CANADA

Calling on all political parties to support Canada’s Agri-Food industry to grow and prosper, for the benefit of all Canadians 

OTTAWA, ONApril 9, 2019 – The CFA, the unified voice advocating for Canadian farmers at the national level, launched the Producing Prosperity in Canada campaign this morning on Parliament Hill.

The campaign is a non-partisan initiative leading up to this year’s federal election aimed at incumbent MPs, new candidates, and policymakers, to promote the potential of the Agri-Food sector as the most significant economic engine in Canada, a champion of food security, and innovative contributor to national environmental stewardship.

In 2017 the federal government’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth, led by Dominic Barton, highlighted Agri-Food as a key growth sector for Canada.  Canada possesses world-class agricultural expertise, has a modern economy, and established infrastructure to move products to market, noting that more is needed to leverage the sector’s potential for expanded trade and domestic growth.  Internationally, Canada’s Agri-Food industry has earned an excellent reputation for producing safe, high-quality food, due in part to our high environmental safety standards.  Canada is well-positioned to satisfy increasing food demands, both domestically and abroad.

The Producing Prosperity in Canada campaign highlights several important benefits of a larger, more prosperous domestic agri-food industry:

“The CFA looks forward to collaborating with our membership, industry stakeholders and government, as we continue to identify solutions for Canadian Agri-Food issues.  Over the coming months we are looking forward to meeting hundreds of political candidates and officials as we move toward the federal election.  Our goal is to convince government to treat Agri-Food policies as a national priority, regardless of whether they represent rural vs urban ridings,” says Mary Robinson, President of CFA.

“Farmers feed the world, which makes the agriculture industry arguably recession proof.  For economic, food security and environmental reasons we firmly believe the Producing Prosperity in Canada campaign possesses the key ingredients for national support.  A robust national Agri-Food industry will benefit all Canadians.”

The Producing Prosperity in Canada campaign will request support for the Agri-Food industry from all political parties leading up to the federal election in October.

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Media contact April 9th & 10th:

Lindsay Yaciuk, Grassroots Public Affairs
Phone:  905-715-2788 (mobile)

Media contact after April 9th & 10th:

Laurie Karson, Director of Communications, CFA
Phone:  613-236-3633 ext. 2322