CFA: 2016 Census of Agriculture shows that agriculture is poised for success

OTTAWA, MAY 11, 2017 – The 2016 Census of Agriculture, released yesterday, shows that agriculture is a dynamic, innovative sector that is growing steadily.

The CFA is pleased to see significant growth in a variety of sectors across the country, as well as increased representation in the industry by young farmers and women. While these statistics demonstrate opportunities within the sector, CFA stresses this is the beginning of the journey to help the Canadian agriculture sector to reach its full potential.

“The census data demonstrates what the agriculture industry has known for years,” said CFA President Ron Bonnett. “Coupled with the recommendations from both the Barton report and the recent Market Access: Giving Canadian Farmers and Processors the World report, the government has an excellent foundation for allowing the agriculture sector to reach its optimal performance.”

“What we would love to see is a whole-of-government approach, informed by industry leadership, to remove obstacles for growth. This will allow farmers to produce more efficiently and sustainably, cementing the future of agriculture in Canada.”

CFA notes that while profitability in the sector has remained robust over the previous census period, current commodity prices are declining and continued investment and focus on technology and R&D to increase both sustainability and productivity will be critical to maintain competitiveness, as will effective Business Risk Management programs.

The Census of Agriculture had several highlights, including:

Farm leaders look forward to ongoing consultation with elected officials and policy makers as they work together to meet the agriculture sector’s full potential.

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