Corporate Leadership Program

As a CFA Corporate Leader you gain the unique opportunity to update the industry on your new developments, products and initiatives. You will also be invited to share your policy and government relations efforts with representatives from Canada’s regional and commodity organizations. Your partnership agreement with CFA also gives you access to top level meetings and exclusive marketing channels.


These opportunities are offered to you through a combination of formal and informal activities, events and services that collectively provide you with year-round prominence within Canada’s farming community in a productive and cost-effective manner.

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Activity Benefit Activity Benefit

Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) Agriculture Minister’s Roundtable

CFA hosts a Board meeting in conjunction with the FPT meeting, typically held in July each year.

*Two representatives from your company are invited to participate at the roundtable meeting with Ministers, Officials & CFA Representatives CFA Board Meetings
February, July and October

*Two representatives from your company are invited to attend all CFA board meetings

*Each Corporate Leader has the opportunity to address the CFA Board of Directors once annually

Special Issues Committees *CFA secures representation from all Corporate Leaders on special issues committees as appropriate CFA Member Introductions

*CFA’s Executive Director and Director of Communications/Stakeholder Relations are available to make introductions between members and Corporate Leaders where appropriate

*CFA copies our Corporate Leaders on all significant updates and communications alongside our membership.

Policy/Issue updates provided upon request / Policy Priorities Review Report – Every April

*CFA’s Executive Director will provide issues updates unique to individual Corporate Leaders’ requirements and will make relevant policy staff available for updates as required.

* CFA Policy Team will provide you with the Policy Priorities Review Report on key policies and notable activities (i.e trade, labour, BRM, etc) every April.

NEW: CFA National Campaign – Government Relations and Public Relations Focus *In 2020, CFA developed with Edelman Canada the
National Campaign – Food for Thought with GR
& PR focus. Partnership opportunities are
presented to Corporate Leaders first.
CFA Hosts virtual Town Hall meetings with
Edelman Canada to provide our members and
Corporate Leaders on all key milestones of
campaign (metrics, objectives and outcomes)


Activity Benefit Activity Benefit
FPT Reception
Held each July
(locations rotate across Canada)
*No reception to be held in 2020, but when available two representatives from your company are invited to attend the FPT reception with Ministers, officials and CFA representatives. CFA Annual General Meeting
Held in Ottawa every February

*Receive two complimentary AGM registrations

*Invitation to speak at AGM to entire membership during Corporate Leader Luncheaon presentations (held virtually, presentation can be pre-recorded)

*Invitation for two representatives from your organization to the Corporate Leader VIP Breakfast with CFA Executives for a Roundtable issues/opportunity discussion presentation from CFA on key issues (held virtually)

Lobby Day/Lobby Evening Reception (usually held in Ottawa in October or March) *Two tickets to attend the Lobby Day Reception
on Parliament Hill with Ministers, Officials,
all CFA Members, Industry Stakeholders and
CFA representatives/staff*Corporate Leaders will receive opportunity
of first right of refusal to potentially co-partner
lobby reception event (cost separate – even
costs split amongst CFA and Partner with
additional benefits)*TBD if Lobby Day will be a virtual event in 2021, if so there will be no reception component.
Various events

*Corporate Leaders receive two complimentary tickets to any additional events hosted by CFA throughout the year

*These benefits are on hold until large gatherings are approved.

CFA Agriculture Leaders Debate – Televised or on YouTube *Historically, the CFA has held a live or virtual
Political Debate with the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, and
all party Agriculture Critics (debate, moderator, etc.).
Corporate Leaders are offered first right of
refusal to be exclusive sponsor of this event –
separate cost and benefits i.e. exclusive
sponsor has (1) specific question allotted from
their organization to the leaders*If there is a Federal Election in 2021, this
benefit will be available. To view our last YouTube debate, pls. refer to the CFA
YouTube Channel to see last debate in full which shows sponsor recognition.


Activity Usual Benefit Benefit during COVID restrictions
Lobby Evening Reception *Corporate logo on display on-site *TBD – CFA to assess mtg restrictions for 2021
CFA Board Meetings
February, April, July and October
*Corporate Leader Logos on all Board
meeting agendas
*Benefit remains the same
Social Media Recognition

*Via CFA’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook &
LinkedIn accounts, the CFA promotes our
Corporate Leaders messages (based on
discretion). For new Corporate Leaders, a full
social media introduction on CFA social media
i.e. welcome message)
​*Benefits remains the same
CFA in ACTION – CFA’s member only e-newsletter – weekly updates on CFA activities, meetings and policy developments *Opportunity to submit feature articles (content and timing to be approved by Editor) – up to 3 times a year. For new Corporate
Leaders – an introductory article i.e. who you are, etc.
*Benefit remains the same
CFA Annual General Meeting Held in February each year

*One promotional item in delegate kit

*One free full-page ad in the Delegate Workbook

*8×10 exhibit in registration area (optional)

*Logo on promotional material and on-site

*Acknowledged by CFA President during
Opening Remarks of convention

*Logos & branding for Corporate Leaders for 2021, whereby mtg is being held virtually is still
being determined. Our goal is to ensure
maximum exposure for our Corporate Leaders.*Acknowledgment by our CFA President during Opening remarks remains the same
CFA Website Presence

*Logo on CFA homepage

*Logo, Corporate bio and Link on Leadership
page on main CFA public website

*Logo, corporate bio and link on Partnership
site of CFA website

*Videos of official presentations at CFA events where appropriate

*Benefits remain the same