The Farmer’s Plight: A look at the Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian Farmers

CFA is conducting interviews with farmers across the country, to give a view on how individual farmers are being affected by COVID-19 across the country. This series will take a close look at how Canadian farmers are coping with this new reality, and the challenges they face in growing food for all of Canada.

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April 23rd : The Voorberg family farm – Canadian Cucumbers and COVID-19


April 28th – Kuyvenhoven Greenhouses – Growing Food for the Soul

May 5th – Chris Michaud –  Mixed messages lead to 70% reduction in vegetable production

May 13th – Bill Campbell – Farmer of fifty years quits cattle partly due to COVID-19

June 9th – Mike Medeiros – $40,000 and 20,000 pounds of mushrooms lost a week due to COVID-19

August 19th – JC Fresh Farms – Yoga and Meditation from Temporary Foreign Workers

August 26th – Winkelmolen Nursery – A Family Farm in More Ways Than One