CFA 2022 Annual General Meeting Recap

OTTAWA, MARCH 4th, 2022 — This week’s annual meeting of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) brought together farm and food leaders from across Canada under the theme “Finding sustainable solutions in uncertain times”.

“The value of this meeting is bringing the farm community together to develop policy solutions and build partnerships that help move us towards collective success as an industry. Agriculture across Canada has been hit with a wave of uncertainty over the past few years. COVID, climate change, transportation disruptions and trade wars are all uncontrollable circumstances that farmers often find themselves affected by. However, we know that as an industry we can find sustainable solutions that move us into a healthier, more resilient future that achieves agriculture’s great potential, both economically and as a provider of climate-solutions,” said CFA President Mary Robinson.

At the meeting, the CFA membership passed 55 resolutions that will outline much of its advocacy efforts in the coming year. This year’s resolutions cover a range of issues, including: conservation, climate change, labour, rural infrastructure, crop protection, international trade, risk management and much more.

The CFA AGM featured a panel entitled From Farm to Market: Finding Sustainable Climate Solutions. Sponsored by Syngenta, this panel looked at how Canadian agriculture can become a natural climate solution, starting from on-farm solutions, through soil carbon measurement the protocols and carbon credits that can provide meaningful opportunities to Canadian producers.

The AGM also featured a Fireside Chat entitled Shifting Supply Chain & Trade Dynamics, sponsored by Food, Health and Consumer Products Canada (FHCP). This chat examined what disruptive forces will be affecting agri-food supply chains and trade over the next 10 to 15 years, looking at how they impact each link in the supply chain, including producers

Todd Lewis, former President of APAS, was acclaimed as the 2nd Vice-President of CFA. CFA is excited to work with Todd to represent Canadian farmers across Canada.

CFA also announced the winner of the Brigid Rivoire Award for Agricultural Mental Health, Au Coeur des Familles Agricoles (ACAF). ACAF trains farmer-tailored counsellors who work with farmers throughout Quebec. Read the profile of their wonderful initiative here.

The CFA heard from various political leaders at its meeting, including:

“Canada is facing a turning point as we emerge from the pandemic, and it is time for our industry to find sustainable solutions to these uncertain times. I know that through collaboration and unity, we can create a truly sustainable industry, environmentally, socially and economically,” said CFA President Mary Robinson.

Recordings of the panel, fireside chat as well as accompanying documentation, including passed resolutions, will be posted on the CFA website,, in the coming days.