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The impact of a farm injury can be devastating both emotionally and economically to producers and their families. Yet most injuries are predictable, and thus preventable, if producers, farm managers, and farm hands know what to look for and how to control the hazards on their farms.

That’s why the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) and the Federation of Agriculture (CFA) team up every year to celebrate Canadian Agricultural Safety Week in the third week of March. It’s a time to reflect on the importance of farm safety, and empower producers and their families with the information and resources they need to make their farms safer.

According to a recent survey, although the majority of Canadian producers (85%) believe safety is a priority on their farm, less than one in ten (9%) currently have a written agricultural safety plan on their farm or ranch.

New Theme for 2013!

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week organizers want to help farmers close that gap. So this year, CASA and CFA are encouraging farmers to Get with the Plan! and develop their own written health and safety plans. Written safety plans enable farmers to identify hazards on the farm, and control them via standard operating procedures, outlining emergency actions, and conducting training and investigating incidents, while also putting in place systems for communicating safety-related responsibilities and monitoring the farm for future hazards. CASA has developed the Canada FarmSafe Plan to walk farmers through setting up their own plan. The core plan is free to download here and is adaptable to any farm or ranch. 

FarmSafe Forum Events Bring Safety Education to Communities

Attention Nova Scotia and Ontario-based farmers, ag students, and farm safety advocates and supporters! CASA and CFA are teaming up with local groups in Nova Scotia and Ontario to host FarmSafe Forum events in Truro, Nova Scotia and Guelph, Ontario respectively as part of Canadian Agricultural Safety Week 2013. These one-day events feature a free farm safety training course that participants can use to conduct their own on-farm safety inspections. Space is limited, so sign up soon!Find out more here!







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