Canadian Agricultural Safety Week 2016

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The impact of a farm injury can be devastating - both emotionally and economically - to producers and their families. Yet most injuries are predictable, and thus preventable, if producers, farm managers, and farm hands know what to look for and how to control the hazards on their farms.
That's why the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture team up every year to celebrate Canadian Agricultural Safety Week in the third week of March. It's a time to reflect on the importance of farm safety, and empower producers and their families with the information and resources they need to make their farms safer. 
Theme for 2016
The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) have launched a new three-year campaign entitled Be an AgSafe FamilyCoinciding with Canadian Agricultural Safety Week in March (taking place March 13-19, 2016), we are going to give you the tools to understand the challenges unique to keeping every generation in your family safe. From the young toddler; to the busy adult juggling family, farm, and work; to the elder farmer with an age-defying drive to keep on farming. There are risks specific to each group—and ways to avoid those risks.
This year, we are focusing on Keeping Kids Safe. Next year, we will focus on adults. And in 2018, we will focus on seniors. So get ready to browse through our resources, tweet your support, and declare to your friends and followers that you are an AgSafe Family








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