Farmer Awarded for Pollinator Protection Efforts

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OTTAWA, NOVEMBER 21, 2013 - The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) is proud to join the Pollinator Partnership in congratulating Bryan and Cathy Gilvesy - this year's winner of the Canadian Farmer-Rancher Pollinator Advocate Award.  The award collects nominations from across Canada and is given annually to recognize the farmer who has made significant contributions to cultivating natural ecosystems and protecting pollinators.

The Gilvesy's, of Y U Ranch in Ontario have been raising Texas Longhorns for over fifteen years. Commitment to a sustainable land ethic has always been an important part of their business. Recognizing the importance of pollinators to the local ecology, the Gilvesy's installed a 2000 ft pollinator hedgerow and bee nesting structures in an effort to provide an adequate food supply and habitat for the pollinators. 
"Pollinators are essential to the food system," said CFA President Ron Bonnett. "Without them, we would lose one-third of our diet and most terrestrial ecosystems would collapse. It's commendable the Gilvesy's looked beyond their farm at the larger picture and responsibility we all have as stewards of the land."
In Canada, there are over 1000 pollinating species - including bees, butterflies, moths, and beetles -  that are essential to the production of over a billion dollars of apples, pears, cucumbers, melons, berries and many other kinds of Canadian produce. These insects and the crucial daily work they do are under threat from loss of habitat and food sources, disease and pesticides. Clearly, agriculture has a role to play. Farmers like the Gilvesy's are a big part of the solution in sustaining Canadian ecosystems and food supply. 
The CFA is proud to be a part of the  Pollinator Partnership project, helping create awareness and showcase positive advances. For more information about pollinators or to read more about the Gilvesy's farm, click here







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