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 Debate Panelists: 
  • Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Hon.Gerry Ritz
  • Malcolm Allen, NDP Agriculture Critic
  • Mark Eyking, Liberal Agriculture Critic
  • Andrew West, Green Party candidate for Kanata-Carleton
  • Yves Lessard, Bloc Québécois candidate for Beloeil-Chambly
  • Andrew Campbell, farmer, #farm365 initiator, FreshAir Media


















Canada's farmers & the Canadian food supply should be a part of party platforms. For Election 2015, Canada's farmers have the following priorities:

MAINTAINING A WORKFORCE: Like any industry, agriculture requires an adequate workforce to keep operations running. Farmers continue to identify chronic and critical labour shortages as one of the most pressing risks facing Canadian agriculture and a major constraint on both agricultural growth and global competitiveness. Agriculture is complex industry that faces unique workforce challenges due to rural depopulation and seasonal production of highly perishable products. In response to these challenges, the Canadian agriculture and agri-food industries have come together as a complete value chain to develop a permanent solution to this pervasive and urgent challenge: the Canadian Agriculture and Agri- Food Workforce Action Plan. More information on the action plan can be found here
MANAGING RISKS: Agriculture is unique in the set of high risks it faces:  volatile prices, unpredictable weather, and a global market influenced by government supports to producers in competing countries. For risks that cannot be addressed through on-farm management practices, Canadian producers require access to effective risk management programs to limit fluctuations in income that limit their ability to further invest in their farms and grow the Canadian brand at home and abroad. CFA has outlined specific recommendations here

TRADE NEGOTIATIONS: Clear and effective rules governing international trade will result in better functioning international and domestic markets - a win-win situation for our economy, producers and communities across Canada, and an ever- increasing global population. The Canadian government must approach all trade negotiations, including the current Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, with the objective of achieving positive results for Canada's farm and food future. Specifically, the CFA has outlined considerations under three main areas it urges decision makers to take into account when securing trade deal market access: market access, supply management and non-tariff barriers. Further details are outlined here.











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